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Sick of yo-yo dieting and/or the conflicting information out there on managing your allergy, condition, or health in general? Sick of trying the newest diet out there, only to feel frustrated when it 1) doesn't fit your lifestyle after a few days or weeks so it's hard to maintain, and/or 2) somehow end up losing and gaining the same 5, 10, or 20+ lbs?

That's because restrictive, 'fad' diets can cause a lower metabolism, which can lead to plateaus, 'yo-yo dieting' aka make it easier re-gain weight. They don't help you figure out healthy eating in a way that makes sense for your life. 

Felicia has Bachelor and Master Degrees in Nutritional Science, has 7 years experience working in research, and has worked with hundreds of clients on their health and fitness goals, so has the knowledge and expertise to help cut through the BS messages out there. Many of Felicia's clients enjoy working with her because she is honest, empathetic, realistic, relatable, and down-to-earth. Her goal is to help you understand food but not fear food, and to develop a healthy relationship with food so you can achieve your goals and a good quality of life in a way that can be maintained long-term.

8-Week health & nutrition program.

  • Initial health and lifestyle assessment

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations

  • Meal guide

  • Guide for success, which includes grocery list and meal prep tips

  • Access to Felicia's recipe eBook and database with over 500 recipes 

  • 2 follow-ups to assess progress, track measurements, provide support and education, review food journals and offer suggestions

  • Messaging support for 8 weeks 

  • Two month gym membership 

  • Program is tailored to the client, and can be used for weight loss/gain/maintenance, chronic disease management, food intolerance. digestive conditions, etc.)​

  • Only $500 ($1000+ Value)

DO you have dietitian coverage through insurance?

Some insurance plans cover dietitian services.

Reach out to Felicia at for more info.

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